2017-03-19 13:18:34 by NONSENS-COMEDY

hellow. :/

Takin' a break

2017-03-04 20:36:29 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaah....Vacations are ovah after tomorrow, so yeah. No time for musica

I tried something different. :3

Should I try Fruity Loop?

2017-03-02 10:49:50 by NONSENS-COMEDY

I've been on mixcraft for a big while now, and I wanna spice things up.

Tell me If I should try fruity loop or not.

Random Beat V.2

2017-03-01 17:51:17 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Yeeeaaaah...I'm not super proud of it, but hey. I had to try

Pursuit Me A Little

2017-02-25 22:03:44 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Some "new" audio...more like something from last year that I didn't published yet. :/

Yeah, I had to reupload it due to some technical difficulties I had with it.

Burnstep (our new song)

2017-02-16 22:05:24 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Damn...releasing things faster then expected. 0-0

Anyways, lyrics for the song is coming soon, so expect that next (or something else if I change my mind. :/ )

About the demo...

2017-02-12 12:06:15 by NONSENS-COMEDY

I decided I was going to move on and make something completly different.

I honestly do not feel like going back on it and I'm afraid that with the low hopes I have for it, I'll make it just plain bad.

Sorry for the peeps who wanted to see the full version of it. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future, but for now, Other things must be planned.

Thanks for understanding.

- Ori Taggart from Distorted Majesty

Yeeeeaaaaaaah. It's some sort of normal awesome stuff....go listen! :D