Time to get back serious!

2016-03-27 09:05:34 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Well, i guess that in terms of music these days, i've done random stuff.

Time to get back at my style of music: Shin Megami Tensei style of music! Cuz i loooove making music of this type

Publishing every friday.

2016-02-02 15:02:33 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Restarting to publish audio pieces or Arts every friday.



2015-12-31 13:24:47 by NONSENS-COMEDY

I hope you have an excellent happy new year and i hope that 2016 will be better for you.^^

So...This has been like...20 minutes since i'm back from that makes aproximatly 12 minutes since i'm desperetly fighting to make my PC open...without sucess.

I can still find a way to post new stuff, but it will be kind off rarely. I hope you keep supporting me still, and i hope you guys have a good afternoon.



So next song comes up next friday.....OR sooner, if i'm bored as hell...but that's rarely gonna happend

Forsaken World

2015-09-16 17:28:16 by NONSENS-COMEDY

I published a new audio. If ya wanna watch, it's now or never!...or...always? Whatever. Just go and watch it!

again, hello

2015-03-14 19:28:37 by NONSENS-COMEDY



2015-02-26 15:10:29 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Just sayin hello from me, Jedhas Dubrise. :D