Sooooooo yeah

recently, I feel like musically, things are slowly going down hill. I have a pretty hard time believing in my musical creativity. Anyone as some tricks? Or am I just wandering too much about it?

Someone's true intention

2017-08-01 21:16:03 by NONSENS-COMEDY

If anyone wanna use that soundtrack in any project (most likely an erotic visual novel) then you can. just give me the credits for the track. thanks


A compilation of our best/cringiest works. go take a listen and share this to people who like weird stuff. #distorted

(p.s. You might find songs I already posted on newgrounds. just saying. lol)


Sadly, I lost EVERYTHING, as my old disk drive was done. We had to take the old disk drive from my old laptop. yaaay me I guess.

Sooo I'm still in that forcefull hiatus and I'm kind of mad right now.

My PC is broken. #yeahrip

2017-07-17 21:07:23 by NONSENS-COMEDY

yeeaaaah. Now my computer is broken (using someone else's) so in turms of making future music, as long as I don't repair my computer or get a new one, I'll be in a unwanted hiatus. 

For the person in collaboration with me (@StudioCodeBlank) note that you can still send me the track with your vocals when you'll be done. If it takes a while for me to react to it, now you know why.

thanks again and I'll see you guys when this issue shall be solved.


I'll be posting songs from "Sonorifle" here

2017-07-13 19:49:20 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Sonorifle being our most recent project/album

01 - Motorgear :


03 - Peanutt Butter :

Right now I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to find somebody. lol

It's a love song that I loved making. I hope you'll enjoy as much as I did. ^^

1000 views...AGAIN!!!

2017-07-05 00:35:04 by NONSENS-COMEDY

For lambda rap this time around...

Now that was unnexpected. lol

Yaaaay...Check it out. It's for a small project.