yandere dev would be proud of this (no he would not). I'll send this shit to him tonight (he should not see this).

played Cuphead...

2017-10-12 20:27:09 by NONSENS-COMEDY

H A R D   S H I T .

Hey. That's pretty good.

hello there

2017-10-12 10:56:02 by NONSENS-COMEDY

feelin good!

Metal/Grunge track out (Halloween Spooktacular Edit)

2017-10-07 20:49:24 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Remember, It's edgy as hell so you either love it or you hate it.Me, I like it and, to me, it's one of my best solo hard rock tracks.

Here's a quote from philosopher Curtis James Jackson III: "Hate it or love it the underdog's on top, and I gon' shine homie until my heart stops."

...yeah I hope you enjoy this one. (P.S. I just learned about the Halloween Spooktacular event and I think this "edge" is a pretty good contender. Plus, I've been on newground for 2 years and never really made an impact on the community itself so I told myself "why not do it now?".)

- Ori Taggart

To make things simple: It turned out edgy as fuck.


yeah you tell if it's a bad thing or not when I release the song this week-end. Might put it here in a couple of hours, idk. It might become a meme. Who knows? lol

Making an Halloween Rock/Grunge/Metal track

2017-10-01 15:25:06 by NONSENS-COMEDY



For halloween I'm working on a rock song called "Red Moon". I'm shure you can't wait to hear it! Well, I'm done with the instrumental and I need to work on the vocals (unless someone wants to do vocals for the song. I'll send the song via private message if that ever happens.)

so that shall be next week....I know, that's kinda sed, but you can wait right? (I mean were on October 1st. Halloween is in 30 days.). Until then, take care of yourselves and have an amazing week. :D


- Ori Taggart



Still looking for a collaboration with people from the site.

I would like to collab with somebody on a track. Why? because I would like to find some inspiration and it is something I rarely did. It would be kind of a first...or a second. :|

If you want to, contact me via private message.

(P.S. I'm mostly on Hip-hop (modern), Rock and Video Game Soundtracks. If you want to do some other type of song, tell me in the private message.

Thank you for reading this post.

- Ori Taggart

Two simple, yet very different songs. I published the two of em' because their lenght was pretty short.

Spolight Mikeal:

Devilish Appeal:

Lightly inspired by Linkin Park's song: "Cure for the Itch".