New song

2016-11-03 17:40:04 by NONSENS-COMEDY


I hope you enjoy. It's different to say the least. ^^;



Now if you excuse me i'll take a lil break then i'll come back. Thank you very much. ^^

Music Break. :/

2016-10-29 19:02:25 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Btw, to the people who wanted the halloween project, I'll still do it.

But after that, I'm taking a nap from Music making because studying gets hard and I realised I need to modify the way I organise myself before continuing music production.

Thank you for understanding and have a nice night.

About My Guitar...

2016-10-23 12:28:35 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Finally, my guitar was never broken. I just hadn't noticed. XD

Halloween Song Project.

2016-10-22 17:37:49 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Yep. Next song I'll release Here on Newground will fit into the theme of halloween, because why not. :D

I've got some bad news...

2016-10-20 16:55:48 by NONSENS-COMEDY

My guitar is broken. So i'll be sticking to electronic music in my solo projects until i get it repaired...if i can repair it, that is. 

Random Beat

2016-10-14 22:34:57 by NONSENS-COMEDY


New rock song

2016-10-12 20:00:51 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Hope you enjoy!


Motorgear (DEMO)

2016-10-07 18:53:02 by NONSENS-COMEDY

New song! Let's rock!

INSANE battle theme

2016-09-30 18:03:43 by NONSENS-COMEDY

New song commin'