Playing with your mind.

2015-10-02 17:50:55 by NONSENS-COMEDY

New audio out...(at least i kept my promess. hehe!)

So next song comes up next friday.....OR sooner, if i'm bored as hell...but that's rarely gonna happend

Entrance encounter

2015-09-26 11:53:08 by NONSENS-COMEDY

oh wow! 2 music in 2 days. I must really be inspired these days...

Distorted Party

2015-09-25 15:47:53 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Wanna throw down shit at your fans (why would u do that), then that is the right song for ya!!

Walking in the factory

2015-09-24 17:48:50 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Yeeeeaaaaah! ajkhahsfkjahjsfbsfkja

Well, guess what? New song! check it out! :D

Need a Lambda Rap remix

2015-09-21 16:48:49 by NONSENS-COMEDY

Can someone do a remix of that song?:

If i do that myself, it will turn horribly wrong. 

Forsaken BRAH + Lambda Rape

2015-09-20 10:12:52 by NONSENS-COMEDY

FTW versions of Forsaken World and Lambda Rap coming(there here btw. ^^;)


2015-09-19 19:16:57 by NONSENS-COMEDY

The ones who like to see people's insanity can now see me and my friend at work with this voice demo....from hell....

Forsaken World

2015-09-16 17:28:16 by NONSENS-COMEDY

I published a new audio. If ya wanna watch, it's now or never!...or...always? Whatever. Just go and watch it!

Lambda Rap

2015-09-14 19:11:34 by NONSENS-COMEDY

I released a real god damn audio! YYYYYAAAAAY!!


It's for a project i'm doing with school friends. ^^