Well, guess the game i fought i could do in 4-5 days will take much more then that to come out....BUT I WANT TO FINISH IT SOOOO BAD that i'll concentrate on this for awhile. Screw Jackpot Jackson for a little time. Say Hello to ‪CYPHERS


2016-01-27 15:04:21 by NONSENS-COMEDY

I've done a challenge to myself in witch i have to make a random game on RPG Maker and it has to be completed on this Week-end.

Wish me good luck! :D


2016-01-24 13:47:33 by NONSENS-COMEDY

i can't stream anymore, because i need a better GPU

because it's lagging as f***

Go watch it!:

Watch that stream

2016-01-23 19:30:55 by NONSENS-COMEDY

He's a fan.

yep. will be watching tutorials and all. :D

will then see if i'll make it like that.

Restarting J.J to zero?

2016-01-18 20:02:17 by NONSENS-COMEDY

I've (literally) fought about rebooting completly my game. Not in music part, though, because all the music i've received his fantastic! It's just the gameplay and artisticly.

I just don't feel like making an RPG maker game. I really don't! i want to make something different. and to make something different, i have to start with the engine.

So, i decided to download Unity. I'll make an different type of battle system. MY battle system. i wanna build something to the ground up, even if it takes sooo many years!

Now WARNING: These are just foughts. As stupid as it sounds, i'll probably change my mind anytime soon.

i just would like to here what you guys think.

Horror FM

2016-01-17 20:34:17 by NONSENS-COMEDY

oh my goodness....we're going deep down in the level of random here.

Game's slowdown.

2016-01-17 13:35:30 by NONSENS-COMEDY

I honestly hoped it would not have to be this way, but it seems the speed of Jackpot Jackson's game developement is gonna be in slow-motion for awhile, as school decided it's gonna be even more important then it actully is right now. 

there's also some secondairy reasons, but i don't go into too much detail.

so, for awhile, you guys are gonna have to stick with Demo 2 for's the download link, too.