when i'll create something that reminds me strongly of this:

Because Jojo.

I've miscalculated my time....AGAIN. So no music until...i don't know when, considering that i'm looking for a job this summer. yyyaaaaaay. -_-

Important Updates

2016-06-02 20:25:21 by NONSENS-COMEDY




Dust I

2016-05-25 19:21:36 by NONSENS-COMEDY


After these god damn final exams are over and summah starts, it's a hole new day commin', boy! :D

Go see is stream and support him. He's lonely:

Bobslide in Undertale

2016-05-12 20:48:02 by NONSENS-COMEDY

It's not a joke. No scam. Here, take a look:

As long as Toby Fox or anybody who made the Unitale engine does not try to end my life, it's gonna be a project i'm working on. Legit!

Soulja Boy - Yeah!

2016-05-11 20:12:43 by NONSENS-COMEDY